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Ichiban Kuji "Animal Crossing"(SOLD OUT)

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Prize A Tonton Kankan ♪ Kitchen timer
Tonton Kankan ♪ A workbench type kitchen timer that reproduces the game sound.
Comes with a raccoon figure that lets you feel like you're on an island♪

Prize B Tanuport ATM piggy bank (with sound)
A Tanuport ATM-style piggy bank that makes a sound when you insert a coin.
You can enjoy the ATM deposit sound every time you insert coins, and if you keep saving, you can hear the loan repayment sound ♪

Prize C Collected! Island Animal Large Collection Bath Towel
Bath towels designed with islanders living on the island and animals coming to the island.
You can meet everyone, including those animals that live on your own island and those animals that live on your friends' islands!

Prize D You can use it many times! Scoop cutlery
A scoop-shaped cutlery that allows you to enjoy the feeling of excavation even at home.
You can choose your favorite one from all 3 types of shabby scoop, scoop, and kin scoop.

Prize E Kabukabu A-Gale-Plate
A turnip-shaped porcelain plate that you can buy from Uri every Sunday.
You can choose your favorite one from a total of 5 types designed with gourds, turnips, mamekichi and tsubukichi.
It is convenient for soy sauce plates and especially plates.

Prize F Able Sisters memo pad
An A6 size memo pad where you can enjoy the remake pattern you get from Asami.
In addition to the Able Sisters, the resident animals are also designed in the image of the pattern.
You can choose your favorite one from all 5 types.

Prize G What are you doing today?Daily Towel
A jacquard towel designed with the animals that come to the island, and a die-cut towel designed with familiar items. You can choose your favorite one from all 7 types.
Who are you going out with today?

Last One Gulliver Plushies
Gulliver washed ashore in your room!?
Gulliver plush toy in a drifting pose that will make you feel like an island no matter where you place it in your home.
You can get the last one prize when you draw the last lottery at the store. Lucky if there is a store with few lottery tickets left! Please try to aim for it.
You can get it by pulling the last one!