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Doki Doki Land

Anime Figure Mystery Bag (Online Exclusive)

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Dive into the wonderful world of Anime with Doki Doki Land’s Anime Figures Mystery Bag – an exciting blend of anticipation, fandom, and surprises!

Each Anime Figures Mystery Bag is a treasure trove of anime goodness, promising not just one, but two anime figures waiting to join your collection. Plus added bonus, discover delightful small gifts tucked away inside, enhancing the joy of unboxing. For just $69.99 (before tax). That’s a 20% savings or more! Available for only a Limited time while supplies last.

This mystery bag is a must-have for anime enthusiasts seeking an extra dash of excitement in their collection.

Choose from 3 captivating variations tailored to your preferences:

Alluring Heroines Mystery Bag:
Dive into the enchanting world of female characters with this edition. Unbox two carefully selected anime figures featuring strong, beautiful, and iconic heroines from your favorite series.

Mighty Heroes Mystery Bag:
For those who admire the strength and charisma of male characters, our Mighty Heroes Mystery Bag is a perfect fit. Uncover two striking anime figures portraying powerful and unforgettable male protagonists.

Surprise Me Mystery Bag:
Embrace the element of surprise with our third variant. The Surprise Me Mystery Bag is a unique blend of both male and female characters, ensuring a nice mix that keeps you guessing until the very end. It's a perfect choice for those who love the thrill of the unknown.

This Anime Figures Mystery Bag offers exceptional value, guarantees a minimum of two figures and additional surprises. Elevate your anime collection with this exciting and curated experience – a journey into the diverse and captivating realm of anime characters.

Have fun & enjoy unboxing those bags! Every contents of each mystery bag are carefully selected to provide a well-rounded and enjoyable unboxing experience. Embrace the mystery and start building your anime figure collection today!

Get yours today online and pick up in-store!