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miniQ Miniature Cube - Sato Kunio's Animal Bathroom Break Series 2

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The second installment of the popular animal art series "Toilet Time" drawn by Kunio Sato is here! Four new species, cow, gorilla, koala, and parakeet, join the ranks

-The latest work of the popular animal art series "Toilet Time 2" by Mr. Kunio Sato, who is familiar with anthropomorphic works of animals, is now available! Four kinds of animals, cows, gorillas, koalas, and parakeets, which are used in Western-style toilets, are newly added!
-The second illustration is also completely newly drawn by Mr. Kunio Sato! It is a loveliness that makes you smile involuntarily whether you look at it from the front or from the side.
・ This time too, a common base is included with the Western style toilet bowl. A wall with toilet paper is also attached, and you can make it look like a private room by arranging it side by side. Combination with 1 bullet is OK!
-Koalas can move their necks according to the direction of decoration!
・ Please collect the new Kunio World.

■ Lineup

  • cow
  • gorilla
  • koala
  • Parakeet

*If you purchase the full box, there will be 2 duplicates. If you purchase the single box, you will get a random one.