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Blue Lock Anime Merch - Trading Hologram Tin Badge Sub Culture Fashion Ver. (1 Random)

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Trading hologram can badge from the TV anime "Blue Rock" Ver. Subcal fashion is here!

It is a glittering can badge with a hologram specification.

Size: Approx. dia. 56mm

6 different designs


-Yoichi Isagi A
-Meguru Bachira A
-Hyouma Chigiri A
-Seishirou Nagi A
-Reo Mikage A
-Rin Itoshi A
-Yoichi Isagi B
-Meguru Bachira B
-Hyouma Chigiri B
-Seishirou Nagi B
-Reo Mikage B
-Rin Itoshi B