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One Piece Ichiban Kuji - Signs of the Hight King (SOLD OUT)

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Prize A Kaido Human and Animal Type Treasure Cruise Figure
Finally, the human-animal Kaido is three-dimensional!
It is a gem that gives off an overwhelming presence with no skim shape from anywhere, such as muscular muscles, scales with different expressions, fierce facial expressions, and flutters of capes that you can feel the wind pressure.

Prize B Yamato Human Animal Type Treasure Cruise Figure
Yamato's human and beast type has already become a figure and a lineup!
The hair that changes from characteristic gray hair to blue and the effect on the shoulders are also faithfully reproduced!
If you confront the A prize, you can reproduce the composition of the parent-child confrontation!

Prize C Monkey D. Luffy Treasure Cruise Figure

Three-dimensionalization of the kicking scene, which is rare for Luffy!The impact effect of Haou-colored Haki colliding with each other is also reproduced with the shape heard by the edge! It is a gem that I want you to decorate alongside the A prize!

Prize D Roronoa Zoro Treasure Cruise Figure
Three-dimensionalization with a posing that cut out the battle scene in Onigashima!
The way you lower your waist and try to slash, combined with the sharp glare, it's a powerful force that seems to start to move at any moment!

Prize E Sanji Treasure Cruise Figure
This is also picked up from the battle scene in Onigashima!
A faithful reproduction of the intensely burning kick. It is finished in a figure full of highlights no matter where you look, such as posing, facial expressions, flame effects, etc.!

Prize F Black Tumbler -Defeat Battle-
All new drawings!
The characters at the center of the battle in Onigashima became tumblers.
It is a design that shines the contrast between the black base color and the illustration!

Prize G Towel Selection -Battle of Raid-
This is also a new drawing!
It is a stylish long towel designed by characters who are active in Onigashima.

Prize H Art Plate -Defeat Battle-
New product art plates are in the lineup!
All of them are newly drawn, and they are the best items to collect!

Prize I Rubber Mascot -Treasure Cruise-
Treasure Cruise Illustration's deformera bar mascot is lined up again! It's the most lottery limited item!!
Moreover, this time there are 12 kinds and a wide variety, and it is a luxurious specification with Treasure Cruise logo parts! Please get your favorite character!

Last One Prize Kaido Human Animal Type Treasure Cruise Figure Metallic Color ver.
Kaido human beast type becomes a metallic color and lineup!
It is a gem that gives off a different shine from the A prize!