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Gundam Robot Spirits - The 08th MS Team Option Parts 2 Set ver. A.N.I.M.E. < Side MS >

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In addition to hover trucks, dops, and character figures that can reproduce the scene of the 6th episode "Hot Sand Front", the second optional parts that expand the world of the 08MS platoon, such as replacement and expansion parts for land-type Gundam, are ver. A.N.I.M.E. Appeared in!
The second optional parts set that expands the worldview of "Mobile Suit Gundam 08MS platoon"! The hover truck, where Eledore and Mikel rides, and support the troops with communication and search ability, come with mini figures of the same scale, Shiro, Mikkel, and Kiki along with various optional parts. Together with replacement and expansion parts for land-type Gundams, fighter dops of the Principality of Zeon Army, etc., the world view of the 6th episode "Hot Sand Front" and the 08th MS platoon will be further deepened.

Set Content
・Hover truck
・Replacement underground sonar (expanded state)
・Replacement hover track antenna
・Hober truck tents
・Table set for hover trucks
・A set of landing gear for dops
・Dopp damage main wing left and right
Shield expansion plate x 2
Sander head antenna
・Replacement gym head
 3 types of mini figures