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That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Ichiban Kuji - The Movie: Scarlet Bond (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Rimuru-Tempest Figure
Limuru-Tempest, a very popular monarch loved by everyone.
There is no doubt that it will be a great success in the movie!
B Prize: Benimaru Figure
Benimaru, a demon tribe, became a figure and appeared for the first time in the lottery.
It's dignified to pull out a sword at any time...

C Prize: Hiiro Figures
Surviving the big demons!? "Hiiro" that appears in the movie version appears as a figure.
The pedestal linked to Benimaru is also a key model.
D Prize: Chokokko Figure
The movie character also appeared a little bit.It is a deformed figure that can be placed cutely in various places.

E Prize: Acrylic Stand

The original illustrations are also a gorgeous lineup in the movie!
With a strong design and volume, it will reincarnate you into a world of "Tensura"!?

F Prize: Clear File Set
A clear file set with a generous lineup of original illustrations.Please pick up not only the character lineup, but also the wonderful design arrangement.

G Prize: Rubber Charms
In addition to popular characters, there is also a lineup of movie characters!
Slime design is the point of the kyun character design★

Last One Prize Last One ver. Rimuru-Tempest Figure
It's a figure of Limuru-Tempest who changed his costume into a metallic color.