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Ichiban Kuji "One Piece" - Professionals Duel Memories (SOLD OUT)

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Prize A Monkey D. Luffy Figure
Three-dimensional action pose of Luffy, who is about to start moving! You can enjoy the dynamism of the sumi-e painting as it is, the fine wrinkles of the clothes, and the movement of the flames surrounding Luffy.

Prize B Charlotte Katakuri Figure 
Katakuri, the 3rd sweet commander who supports the Four Emperors Big Mom! The detailed details of the effect that spreads from the feet to the background, the thick muscles, and the right hand that expresses the ability to mochi mochi, etc., make it a finish that can be enjoyed from any angle.

Prize C Donquixote Doflamingo Figure
Doflamingo, the captain of the Donquixote Pirates, who is called the charismatic evil, appears! A figure of the moment when the string, which is the ability of the "Itito no Mi", is swung down at the enemy. The movement of his fingers and the way his clothes flutter in the wind are all taken into account.

Prize D Rob Lucci Figure
"Neko Neko no Mi" model, leopard's ability Rob Lucci appears! Using overwhelming power and physical skill, faithfully reproduce the dynamism of Lucci who fought to the death with Luffy! Full of highlights such as the undulation from the body to the tip of the tail and the effect of scratches on the ground.

Prize E Eneru Figure
I am God! ! Eneru, who rules Sky Island with fear, appears! You can enjoy "stillness and movement" together, such as the detailed painting of clothes and the intense effect of lightning discharged from the palm. Please also pay attention to the expression with a fearless smile.

Prize F Sir Crocodile Figure
Crocodile, the nemesis who cornered Luffy many times in Alabasta, appears! The effect and cloak boldly express the ability of the "sunasuna fruit" that gives "thirst" to everything. Please enjoy the sculpting that is particular about the graininess of the sand.

Prize G Quote Glass collection
A glass where you can enjoy impressive scenes and inspiring quotes. The design is suitable for decoration, and the size is perfect for storing small items.

Prize H Ink Style Poster
A completely new drawing that expresses the fierce battle between characters in sumi-e! This is a clear poster that will definitely let you fully enjoy the fusion of vibrant sumi-e and one piece.

Prize I Long Towel ~Battle Collection~
A unique design inspired by numerous famous battles. A long towel with selectable specifications that you can't miss the powerful silhouette.

Last One Prize Monkey D. Luffy Figure (Sumi-Style)
A-prize Monkey D. Luffy Duel Memory Figure's last one limited colour version. Please take a look at the coloring unique to the "Sumi-style block technique" that specializes in the expression of sumi-e.