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Spy X Family Ichiban Kuji - Extra Mission (SOLD OUT)

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Not for sale online. Available In-store ONLY

A Prize: Loid Forger Figure
Loid Forger of the agent "Twilight". I reproduced the smart and flawless standing figure.

B Prize: Anya Forger Figure
Anya Forger in a uniform at Eden School. I squeezed Anya's cuteness in the details.

C Prize: Yor Forger Figure
Yor Forger of "Thorn Princess" holding a weapon. Please pay attention to the meticulous modeling, such as accessories, the expression of the dress, and the red sole of the boots.

D Prize: Bond Forger Plush Toy

A stuffed toy the humorous side of Bond Forger, who became a member of the Forger family.

E Prize: Stacking Mug

"Light", "hard to crack" and "stackable" resin mugs. The slightly retro design is fresh. All 6 types.

F Prize: Rubber Collection
Excellent practicality! The rubber collection that can be used differently for each function is a "cord holder" that is convenient for wrapping earphones, etc., a "rubber coaster" that is active in dining, and a "rubber tie" that can be put together.

G Prize: Towel
There are 10 types of towel items you can choose from that you can use everyday.

H Prize: Kyun Chara Acrylic Stand
The Forger family has been a Kyun character! There are 10 types of acrylic stands to choose from.

Last One Prize Anya Forger & Bond Forger Plushies
Anya and Bond are sleeping soundly. Reproduce the smiling scene with a large volume stuffed animal. It's cute that makes me want to have a day with you.