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Danganronpa 12 Reload Nendoroid - 1398 Junko Enoshima

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Despair tomorrow! Despair the unknown! Despair in the memories!

From the popular game "Danganronpa 1 and 2 Reload", the super high school level of despair "Junko Enoshima" is now available in Nendoroid! In addition to the "normal face" for the replacement facial expression parts, in addition to the "heinous face", we have prepared a "smice face" that is pleased with despair. The optional parts come with "Monokuma", and you can also reproduce the figure of holding Monokuma! In addition, by reassembling Monokuma's arms, you can enjoy crossing your arms with Junko Enoshima and laughing with "Upupu". Please welcome us at hand!