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Demon Slayer Ichiban Kuji - Fumetsu no Kizuna (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize Kamado Tanjiro & Nezuko figures
A set of two figures of Kamado brother and sister, Tanjiro and Nezuko in their childhood.
A three-dimensional figure of a friendly and cute piggyback figure!

B Prize Rengoku Anjuro & Senjuro figures
This is a set of two figures of the Rengoku brothers, Kyōjuro and Senjuro in their childhood.
A three-dimensional figure of them practicing together to become strong soldiers!

C Prize Yuichiro Tokito & Muichiro figures
A set of two figures of the Tokito brothers, Yuichiro and Muichiro in their childhood.
Three-dimensional figure of two people who care for each other but pass each other!

D Prize Pair of tea bowls by the Tokito brothers
A pair of rice bowls with Tokito brothers motif.
The size is a little smaller, with the image of the two as children.

E Prize Acrylic Charm
This is an acrylic charm that allows you to look back on famous scenes from the past with cutely designed Kyun characters. Collect your favorite scenes and enjoy! 10 different designs

F Prize Clear file & sticker set
IA set of clear files and stickers designed with famous lines.
There are many impressive lines on the front, and characters are designed on the back.
Be sure to get your favorite character! 12 different designs

G Hand towel
There are 6 types of jacquard towels, including 6 types with collage designs of famous scenes from each character, and 6 types of jacquard towels with English versions of memorable lines. Jacquard towels have each character's motif designed on the edge. Be sure to get your favorite character!

Last One Prize Kamado Tanjiro & Nezuko figure last one ver.
This is the last one version of the A-Prize Kamado Tanjiro & Nezuko figures in a different color.
The coloring is based on the image of "on the way home under the sunset sky."