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"Doraemon" Model Kit - Figure-Rise Mechanics Doraemon

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Figure-riseMechanics Doraemon is here!
Figure-riseMechanics is a new frontier for assembling internal mechanics of robots!
■Precise reproduction of internal mechanical details such as Doraemon's characteristic "Petari Hand" and "Ultra Super Deluxe Computer"!
■By assembling, you can understand the internal mecha of Doraemon and know more about Doraemon!
■In addition to the normal blue exterior parts, a clear exterior that allows you to see through the internal mecha is also included! You can enjoy the display where you can see the internal mecha even after assembly.
■Time machine sitting parts are included, and it is also possible to put it on the simultaneous release "Figure-riseMechanics Doraemon's Secret Tool Time Machine".
■Sealless is realized by making the mouth into a separate part. It's even easier to make!
■Clear exterior x 1 set
■Time machine sitting parts x 1 set
[Product contents]
■ Molded products x 4
■Seal x 1
■Instruction manual x 1