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Dragon Ball Anime Merch - Rubber Mascot Art Gummy

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Gummy with rubber mascot of Dragon Ball "Dragon Ball Rabamas ART Gummy" is now available! !!
Labamas ART is a "rubber mascot with a two-layer structure that is particular about design."
The labamas that the character jumped out of the background is a big size of about 55 mm square!
Please pick up and feel the precise modeling and colorful colors.
The dragon ball type gummy has an orange flavor!
If you collect seven, a giant rare gummy (green apple flavor) of Shinryu may appear! ?
● 1 rubber mascot (12 types in total)
1. Son Goku (boyhood)
2. Master Roshi
3. Son Goku & Krillin & Master Roshi
4. Son Goku & Vegeta
5. Son Goku & Frieza
6. trunks
7. Gohan & Piccolo & Cell
8. Goten
9. Son Goku -Dragon Fist Explosion-
10. Gogeta & Son Goku & Vegeta
11. Son Goku (selfish secret)
12. Gogeta & Broly

*You'll get one random box, and the figure inside will also be random