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Dragon Ball Ichiban Kuji - Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Great (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Super Saiyan Son Gohan Figure
From the movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero", Son Gohan, who put herself in battle again to get his daughter back, appears!!
A cool figure with a sense of tension that will be fought fiercely from now on!!
The sharp eye light shining in the back of the glasses makes you feel a strong determination!!

B Prize: Piccolo (Potential Ability Release) Figure
From the movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero", the very popular Piccolo (potential ability release) appears!!
The energy drawn by Shinryu is reproduced in the image in the play with a different shape than usual!!
The appearance of attacking right now is very powerful!!

C Prize: Super Saiyan Son Goku Figure
"Another stage of transformation is possible..."
Son Goku, a super Saiyan who surpasses the super Saiyan with tremendous power, appears at MASTERLISE!!
Son Goku, a super Saiyan who emphasizes power wearing battle clothes,'s swollen muscles that are about to burst are a powerful volume!!

D Prize: Super Saiyan Son Gohan Figure

Super Saiyan Son Gohan wearing battle clothes appears at MASTERLISE!!
A complete reproduction of the sleeping power that began to be released!!
A figure that you want to decorate side by side with Son Goku of the C Award!

E Prize: Mecha Freeza Figure

"The earth ... it's not a bad star ..."
Mecha Freeza is the first three-dimensional lottery at MASTERLISE!!
The mechanical part of Freeza, which was revived for revenge on Son Goku, is also completely reproduced!!
A figure that you want to decorate side by side with the F-winning Cordo!!


F Prize: Drakapu Cordo the Great Figure
"Those who have the best power in the universe must be my family."
The King of Cordo made it three-dimensional for the first time at MASTERLISE!!
A complete reproduction of the dignified figure that landed on the earth with Mechafriza!!
A dish that I want to line up with Mecha Freeza, the son of the E Prize, with an amazing sense of size!!

G Prize: Acrylic Stand
The main visual of the latest movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero" and the acrylic stand with the illustration of "Majin Buu Edition" are now available!
Big size with a width of about 20 cm!!
There is a sense of volume and the decoration is outstanding!

H Prize: Square Acrylic Stand
An acrylic stand with a cover illustration style of the original comics is now available!!
Designs that you want to collect and arrange with 8 kinds of variety of acrylic stands!
The excitement of turning the page is revived on the tabletop!!

I Prize Visual board
Beautiful illustrations including the main visual of the movie appear on the B4 size visual board!!
It is designed to be displayed in the room and immersed in the cool world view of Dragon Ball!

J Prize Towel
Long towels and hand towels, 4 types each, a total of 8 types of towels are now available!
A design based on a figure character concept, a fun item to collect with a lineup with the image of "pair"!!

Last One Prize Cell (Complete Body) Figure

"If it's such a transformation, it's easy to go through this..."
The complete cell body that showed the overwhelming difference in ability to Trunks attacked the "MASTERLISE" series!!
Characteristic silhouette, huge body strong muscles are reproduced according to the image in the play!
The grinning and relaxed expression emphasizes the appearance of the cell as a strong person!