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Dragon Ball Ichiban Kuji - Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Ultra (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Super Saiyan Son Gohan Figure
From the latest movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero", Super Saiyan Son Gohan appears for the first time at MASTERLISE!
Gohan, who wears the same dogi as Piccolo since the cell version, has become three-dimensional! It's a must-see to stare at the opponent in the way with powerful eyes and raise your energy!

B Prize: Piccolo (Potential Release) Figure
From the latest movie "Dragon Ball Super Super Hero", Piccolo (potential release) is the first three-dimensional in the lottery!
Reproduce the image in the play, such as different shapes and slightly yellowish colors!
The figure of raising your spirit in a low posture like Piccolo is so powerful!

C Prize: Cell (First Form) Figure
"I'm your brother."
The cell (first form), an android created by Dr. Gero, is the first three-dimensional lottery at MASTERLISE!
The characteristic spots are reproduced in the form! The mysterious appearance at the time of its first appearance, its appearance that exudes a disturbing atmosphere is truly the most terrifying ...

D Prize: Super Saiyan Son Goku Figure

"Because I didn't want to kill you, I knew I would stop it."
Super Saiyan Son Goku, dressed in the clothes of a yard rat alien, is the first three-dimensional lottery at MASTERLISE!
Even if Trunks slash you with a sword, it creates an overwhelming strong feeling!

E Prize: Son Goku Figure

"Jang! What is this?"
Son Goku, dressed in the clothes of a yard rat alien, is the first three-dimensional lottery at MASTERLISE!
Following the D prize, Goku at normal times is also three-dimensional!
By replacing it with the attached parts, you can also reproduce the appearance of the turtle hermit wearing sunglasses that you brought to prove that you can move instantly!

F Prize: Super Saiyan Trunks Figure
"The super Saiyan is not alone, Mr. Son Goku... It means he was here too...!!"
A warrior from the future, Super Saiyan Trunks, is the first three-dimensional at MASTERLISE!
Recreate the appearance of showing off the super Saiyan in front of the Mecha Freeza that landed on Earth!

G Prize: Majin Vegeta Figure
"Be well, Trunks."
In order to go beyond Kakarot, Majin Vegeta, who was possessed by Babidi's magic, appears in MASTERLISE!
The formation of the muscles that have been pumped up by the fierce battle tells the strength of Vegeta!

Prize H Acrylic Stand
A large acrylic stand with a height of about 20 cm is now available!
An acrylic stand with an illustration-like design of Akira Toriyama!
There is also a sense of volume and the decoration is outstanding!

Prize I Flap Mug
The first lineup of flap mugs that are easy to use both indoors and outdoors!
The character's mark is molded on the lid, and it has a cohesive finish depending on the color of the body that matches it!

Prize J A4 Clear Plastic Folder
The theme is "Battle vs." It's a set of two A4 size clear files that pick up a famous scene that makes your chest crackle!
By filing the paper, the original illustration will come up!

Prize K Towel
A long towel and hand towel with a sharp design with a contrast between Vivid color and a black background is now available!
The drawn characters are linked to the figure, so it's also good to decorate it with the figure!

Last One Prize Majin Buu Figure

"It's happened!"
Majin Buu, who was revived by the hands of the mage Babidi, is three-dimensionalized in MASTERLISE!
The characteristic silhouette, the difference in volume with the paired Majin Vegeta, is reproduced according to the image in the play!
From the figure with a smiley expression and your hand on your waist, you can see the margin of Majin Buu!