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Ichiban Kuji "Dragon Ball" - Ex - Mystic Adventure - (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize Masterlize Son Goku
It's Son Goku!
Faithfully recreates the famous scene of holding the nyoibo
Everything started from this goku

B Prize Masterlize Piccolo Daimao
I will turn this world into a wonderful world full of evil!!"
With the power of the dragon ball rejuvenated, the figure full of evil
and confidence has been faithfully reproduced to the blood vessels
and fangs of the hands!! A award which the Goku as a bundle with of
desperate struggle on the table !!

C Prize Masterlize Tao Baibai
The world's best killer Tao Baibai! The dynamic expression of the
dongdong wave and the dynamic feeling of the dogi are must-see!!

D Prize Masterlize Pilaf and Dragon Ball
"Come out dragon!! And grant your wish!!"
A strong enemy aiming at the dragon ball who called out
shinryu for the first time! ? The pilaf with the ambition to become
the king of the world lineup!! A dish that makes you want to line
up with shu and mai of E award!!

E Prize Masterlize Shu & Mai 
Are you all right?Mr. Pilaf. Pilaf's loyal subordinates shu and mai lineup!!
A dish that makes you want to line up with D prize Pilaf & dragon ball!!

F Prize Dragon Ball Archives
"Drag On Archives!! From the first generation
dragon ball "Son Goku great monkey transformation", "chapa king", " sun and wukong" "Goku brought the gal" this series "likability" more emphasis on the lineup!

G Prize Bottle
The bottle appears for the first time in the dragon ball EX series!!
Pilafu flavor and goku and son gohan Ichan, piccolo demon king and
other 6 kinds of expansion!

H Prize Visual Board
A visual board that reproduces famous illustrations that fans
will recognize! Collect 6 kinds of beautiful illustrations this time too! You can
frame it up, fun to collect all of them! 

I Prize Towel
Series o-stain art towel is also a lineup!
Available in 20cmx60cm long towel and 30cmx30cm hand towel!
In the past Ichiban Kuji set also won a good reputation of "crude goods" wind
towel, Tao Baibai participate!!Eight kinds in total.

Last One Prize Masterlize Cyborg Tao Baibai
"Go to hell to regret!!" "Cyborg peach white white"
resurrected for the return of Goku lineup!!
The one that fully draws out the cyborg Tao Baibai feeling
such as the expression of the power that has sent out dongdong waves,
metallic coloring such as the head, the use of clear parts of the eyes!!