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Ichiban Kuji "Dragon Ball" - History of the Film (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: MASTERLISE Super Saiyan Son Gohan Figure
Three-dimensional Kamehameha pose of Super Saiyan Gohan!
"MASTERLISE" figure that reproduces the battle scene with Broly!
The best moment will be revived by arranging it side by side with the B prize Super Saiyan Son Goten!
B Prize: MASTERLISE Super Saiyan Son Goten Figure
Three-dimensional Super Saiyan Son Goten in Kamehameha pose!
"MASTERLISE" figure that reproduces the fierce battle scene with Broly!
It is a dish that you would like to have side by side with the A prize Super Saiyan Son Gohan as a brother!

C Prize: MASTERLISE Cooler Figure/Metal Cooler Figure
In the Ichiban Kuji lineup, Cooler and Metal Cooler will be the first three-dimensional figures!
Reproduce the calm and ruthless expression of Cooler!
Metal Cooler reproduces the expression with a strong will to overthrow Goku with metallic coloring!
It will be fun to see which one you get after opening the box!

D Prize: MASTERLISE Turles Figure
The first three-dimensional Turles in the history of the Ichiban Kuji appears in the "MASTERLISE" series!
Firmly reproduce the expression of the room that gained super power by eating the fruit of the god tree!
It is one body that I would like you to pick up and see!

E Prize: MASTERLISE Super Janemba Figure

Super Janemba, the first three-dimensional figure in the history of Ichiban Kuji, is now available in the "MASTERLISE" series!
It is an attractive figure with a relaxed appearance that is the reason for being a strong man!
Please get your hands on the evil spirit monster Super Janemba!

F Prize: MASTERLISE Beerus Figure
For the first time in the history of the Ichiban Kuji, Beerus appears in the "MASTERLISE" series!
Such as the angle of the wrist and the delicate expression of the fingertips,
The standing figure that pursues the coolness of the "God of Destruction" is also a highlight! Before creation there is destruction!

G Prize: Acrylic Stand
Acrylic stand for the first lottery entry!
"Dragon Ball Z Dangerous Two! Super Warriors Can't Sleep] A lineup of two types that pay homage to the parent and child Kamehameha in the play and the comic book cover art!
It has a decorative design!

Prize H Silicon Memo
Ichiban Kuji's first appearance item, silicon memo lineup! The icon design condenses the world view of Dragon Ball! It is an item that you can feel Dragon Ball in your daily life!

Prize I Tumbler
A tumbler with illustrations of 6 popular characters!
The lineup is based on the concept of "battle", and it has a design that makes you want to line it up!
A cool design accented with the character's image color!

Prize J Towel
A total of 8 types of towels, 4 types each of large and small, are now available!
A design featuring the image color of the character that appeared in the movie version of Dragon Ball!
It is an item that allows you to enjoy the world view of Dragon Ball while being simple!

Last One Prize Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Figure
Broly, who has been resurrected from the dying state and powered up, roars in the "KINGCLUSTAR" series!
Broly with unfathomable power is reproduced with dynamic and powerful modeling!
I would like you to line up with Prize A Super Saiyan Gohan and Prize B Super Saiyan Goten!