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Evangelion Dynaction - Evangelion 01 Test Type 1 + Cassius Spear (Renewal Color Edition)

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Comes with a huge "raw spear" (Cassius)! The first DYNACTION machine, which left a strong impact with a total height of about 400 mm, started in a renewal color!
"DYNACTION general-purpose humanoid decisive weapon Android EVANGELION 01 TEST TYPE" with a built-in compound joint of die-cast and polyacetal in a huge body with a total height of about 400 mm. Re-appearing with a super long size Cassius spear in a redesigned coloring inspired by "Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version".

・ Main figure
• Replacement wrist left and right each five
• Replacement shoulder armor
Palette rifle
Progressive knife
· Umbilical cable
• Replacement antenna
・Stand joint for back hole
・ Kassius's coffin
· Stand


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