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Evangelion Model Kit - RG Artificial Human Evangelion Unit-00

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From the RG Evangelion series, which pursues the reality as an artificial human, the prototype No. 0 is in the lineup!
■The second in pursuit of Evangelion's action pose reproduction with RG.
■Discuss and expresses Evangelion No. 0 more deeply as a "real grade", such as the movement of the spine and shoulder blades, the interlocking of each part of the armor, and the gimmick that the armor follows when a twist is added to the arm.
■It can be assembled before and after renovation with a part selection type.
■The head reproduces color coding by dividing the small parts.
■The equipment that appeared in "Evangelion New Movie: Introduction" can also be assembled selectively.
■7 types of hand parts left and right, 1 type of ambilic cable, 2 types of progressive knives, and 1 type of pallet rifle are also included.
■Parts after renovation x 1 set
■Progressive knife x 2 types (normal time, storage time)
■Palette rifle x 1
■Hand parts (left and right) x 7 types each
■Umbilical cable x 1
■Rearealistic decal x 1