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Gundam Shokugan - FW Gundam Converge Plus #03 Set

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Introducing a new bullet "#Plus" that has a lineup of heavily armed MSs, large MSs, etc. that cannot be recorded with regular bullets (# series) in "FW GUNDAM CONVERGE"!
The third is the long-awaited three-dimensional version of "Atlas Gundam" from "Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt"!
Also included are "Full Armor Hyakushiki Kai" from "M-MSV", "Pallas Athens" from "Mobile Suit Z Gundam", and "Hildolbu" from "Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO"!
In addition, all 5 types including "Expansion Parts Set" that allows you to enjoy each aircraft with even more specifications!
Now the bullets are also abundant in the series composition!
● 1 set of colored models (5 types in total)
1. 1. Atlas Gundam
2. Full Armor Hyakushiki Kai
3. 3. Palas Athens
Four. Hildolbu
Five. Expansion parts set