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The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Model Kit - RG Gaogaigar

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From "King of Braves GaoGaigar", GaoGaigar with elaborate designs unique to RG appears!
■Pursuing the image in the play while combining deformation and abundant action performance. High-dimensional proportions with repeated interpretation and verification of plastic model originals.
■We thoroughly pursue various joint mechanisms and realize a flexible range of motion while having a deformed combination mechanism.
■With the design, mold, and molding technology accumulated over many years, we can reproduce the color coding that is close to the image in the play just by assembling.
■It is possible to combine with various Gao machines.
■Reproduce Gao Geiger's intense action with a newly developed manipulator hand. Natural hand movement is realized by the movement of all knuckles.
■The "track belt" of the legs is a precise composition that combines one part at a time. By moving the slide, it reduces interference during the action. Achieves a wide range of knee movement.
■Stealth Gao attached to the back is equipped with a thruster opening gimmick when Hell and Heaven is activated.
■The dividing screwdriver adopts metal parts and pursues texture. It has a built-in spring and a telescopic gimmick in the shaft part.
■Includes effect PET parts that reproduce the time of protection shade activation.
■It comes with a fixed large hand part inspired by the Hell and Heaven activation scene.
■Movable finger hand parts x 1 type / Hell and Heaven image hand parts x 1 / 2 types of hand parts for Geiger
■Joint parts x 1 set
■Lead wire x 1
■Dividing driver x 1
■Protect Shade Image Effect x 1 set
■Rrealistic decal x 1
■Metallic 3D seal x 1