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Gundam Cosmo Fleet Collection Special - Char's Counterattack Ra Cailum Re.

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The space battleship figure series "Cosmo Fleet Special (CF-SP)" developed by Megahouse. The Gundam series has returned for the first time in 7 years. The first part to decorate the revival is the renewal and resale of "Ra Kairam" where Bright Noah is the captain from "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char of Counterattack". The ship with a total length of about 17 cm is a pre-colored product. As a feature of the renewal version, we have made it a specification that you can enjoy a more realistic feeling by applying a little dirty paint and attaching a water transfer decal. In addition to the dedicated pedestal, 3 mini MS of the same scale (ν Gundam, Sotheby, Re Gazi Space Fighter form) are included, and if you put it on the catapult deck, it will be useful for the world view. Please enjoy Gundam's fleet collection with CF-SP.

Product contents: ・

Colored finished product model...1 

Mini MS figure...3 

Dedicated pedestal...1 

Water transfer decal...1