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Gundam Shokugan - GFrame FA Vol.02

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The high-spec movable figure "Mobile Suit Gundam G Frame" series, complete with armor attached to the frame, has been renewed!
The armor frame of the upper arms and thighs has been improved, and it has evolved into a full armor (FA: Full Armor) specification that covers the back. As before, the frame mechanism has a wide range of motion, and the gimmick that can be displayed even with the armor set alone is still alive.
The non-movable hanger can be recombined with a pedestal.
The second installment is a powerful lineup of "Justice Gundam", "Rick Diaz (Quattro Bajeena Color)", "Rick Diaz", and "Sazabi"!
"Sazabi" will be recorded with new specifications and will be gorgeously developed in all 8 types.

1 coloring model (8 types in total)
1. Justice Gundam Armor Set
2. Justice Gundam Frameset
3. Rick Diaz (Quattro Bajeena Color) Armor Set
4. Rick Diaz (Quattro Vageena Color) Frame Set
5. Rick Diaz Armor Set
6. Rick Diaz Frame Set
7. Sazabi Armor Set
8. Sazabi Frame Set


*The Frame Set & Armor Set sells as a bundle