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Gundam Blind Box - Mobile Suit Ensemble 22 (1 Random)

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The 22nd edition of `MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE`, which has a great response not only to Gashapon fans but also to hobby fans, delivers an overwhelming volume of armament!
Following the previous bullet, there are two lineups from [Mobile Suit Gundam 0083], Gundam Prototype No. 3 and Gerbera Tetra!
-Furthermore, from the popular work [Mobile Suit Z Gundam], a lineup of mass-produced land battle type mobile suits, Dije!

Mobile Suit Gundam MOBILE SUIT ENSEMBLE Series is Gundam's new hobby with the theme of `armed`.
――It is a mechanism that you can connect all parts to the common holes of 3 mm arranged in various parts of the aircraft, so you can create your own mobile suit.

(1) Gundam prototype No. 3
(2) Gerbera Tetra
(3) Dije
(4) De Dai Kai
(5) MS weapon set