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Gundam Model Kit - Gunpla-Kun DX Set (With Runner Ver. Recreation Parts) 1/1

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Finally, "Gunpla-kun" is now available in a colored version! It is optional and the display is possible even in the runner state! The familiar equipment is also included. LIMEX is used for the material. It is the first time in history that multicolor molding has been realized in LIMEX.
■LIMEX is adopted in multicolor molding for the first time! A new item that combines the environment and the fun of plastic models!
■Gunpla-kun's normal time and runner Ver. Selective display.
■Bream rifle, beam saber, and shield familiar armament are also included.
LIMEX is a <new earth-friendly material> that contains more than 50% limestone as the main raw material and greatly reduces the use of conventional petroleum-derived resins.
■Runner parts x 1
■Seal x 1
■Beam Saber x 1
■Beam Rifle x 1
■Shield x 1
■Portle for display x 1