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Gundam Model Kit - HGAC # Shenlong Gundam 1/144

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From "New Mobile Suit Gundam W", the boarding aircraft "Shenlong Gundam" of "Zhang Wufei" is three-dimensionalized in HG format!
■The movable axis provided inside the chest block enables lateral bending and forward and backward bending. When bending back and forth, the cockpit block moves up and down.
■The range of motion is improved by the slide mechanism of the shoulder joint. Combined with the movement of the chest, it corresponds to dynamic posing.
■In addition to reproducing the deployment and storage state, the characteristic armed "Dragon Hang" can also reproduce arm extension with the attached extension parts.
■In addition to armaments such as shields and beamgraves, various hand parts are included.
■Beamgrave x 1
■Shenron Shield x 1
■Hand parts (left and right) x 3 types
■Dragon Hang telescopic joint x 2
■Seal x 1