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“Gundam" Model Kit - HGTWFM #001 LFRITH 1/144

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Launched ahead of the latest work of the Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam, the Witch of Mercury"!! Two MSs that are active in the prequel "PROLOGUE" of the main story will appear a step earlier!!
■The shell unit is a choice of in-mold parts and clear parts. The in-mold parts can reproduce the glow of the shell unit in the chest and the luminous state, and the clear parts can reproduce the non-luminous state.
■The shield is separated into 7 bits stay and can be connected to a backpack and receiver gun.
■It is possible to attach a huge beam blade effect part to the receiver gun.
■By special parts division, you can get a colorful finish just by assembling it.
■Beam saber x 2
■Receive burgund x 1
■Shield x 1
■Shell unit clear parts x 1 set
■Effect parts for beam blade x 1
■Joint parts x 1
■Sticker x 1