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Gundam Model Kit - HGTWFM #002 Beguir-Beu 1/144

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Launching ahead of the latest game of the Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch"!! Two MSs that are active in the prequel "PROLOGUE" of the main story appear a little earlier!!
■Bionet, a portable weapon for anti-MS, which is equipped on both arms, is included.
■One pedestal for a non-kinetic pod and one lead wire are included. Display is possible in the ejection state.
■Reproduce the flight unit deployment mechanism of the backpack.
■The front and rear parts of the key nails at both legs are individually movable.
■By dividing parts, you can get a colorful finish just by assembling it.
■Bayonet x 2
■Lead line x 1
■Seal x 1
■Pel for non-kinetic pod x 1