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Gundam Model Kit - HGTWFM #004 Guel's Dilanza 1/144

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From the latest work of the Gundam series "Mobile Suit Gundam Witch From Mercury", Guel Jetark's dedicated machine Dylanza (Guel dedicated machine) appears in HG!
■Moving axes that are ideal for bold action poses are adopted everywhere.
■The neck block that connects the head and the torso ensures the range of motion of the head by a double ball joint.
■The shoulder shield realizes flexible movement with repeatedly verified joint parts.
■Each part of the fuselage has a profound and bold action by incorporating a gimmick for movement.
■Reproduce the characteristic antenna and feather decoration on the head.
■Backpacks can be put on and removed.
■Rifles and torches can be stored behind the shield.
■Beam partisan, beam torch and beam rifle are included.
■Beam Partisan x 1
■Beam torch x 1
■Beam rifle x 1
■Seal x 1