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Gundam Model Kit - MG MS-06S Char's Zaku Ver.2.0 1/100

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Ver.2.0 of "Char exclusive Zaku" on board by Char Aznable, who is nicknamed as a red comet from "Mobile Suit Gundam", is in the MG series. It reproduces the characteristics of S-type Zaku such as school bags on the back and thrusters on the legs. The antenna on the head is included in two types, "normal" and "stabi". Due to twisting and link movement of each part, it reproduces a new movable area that could not be taken so far, such as forward bending pose. Monoeye is equipped with a gaze movement gimmick linked to the movement of the neck. Two 1/100 scale figures of Char Asnable (standing, sitting for cockpit boarding) are included. The weapon comes with a lift vehicle that can reproduce the boarding scene on MS with Zaku Machine Gun, Zaku Bazuka, and Heat Hawk.