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“Gundam" Model Kit - RG Nu Gundam (Clear Color) 1/144

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From "Mobile Suit Gundam: Counterattack Char", RG 1/144 ν Gundam is now available in clear color!

■By using 2 colors of clear white, the hierarchy of armor unique to RG is also expressed in clear colors!

■There are built-in joints in the shoulders and abdomen, which can be moved flexibly. Twisting and shoulder extrusion are possible, and more dynamic posing is possible!

■The lumbar joint can be moved finely for each block, expanding the range of movement of the legs! It is possible to move your knees protruding forward!

■The legs are equipped with a "multi-link gimmick" where the armor slides in conjunction with the movement of each joint! Bold and supple posing is possible!