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“Gundam" Model Kit - RG #01 RX-78-2 Gundam 1/144

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■REAL GRADE (RG) Deployed from July 2010.
■In pursuit of "realism", high details that convey precision, dynamic actions and gimmicks that are comparable to master grades, and stress-free assembly that uses pre-assembled inner frames, etc., various things that will satisfy all fans. The mechanism is condensed. Equipped with the latest technology, a new brand that conveys the new fun of Gundam to all generations who know Gundam.
■ All "settings" of RX-78-2 Gundam are consolidated in a total height of about 125mm. ■ Equipped with an inner frame "advanced MS joint" that allows dynamic movement with a small number of parts.
■ "Realistic decals" made of special materials are included to pursue the perfection of appearance with a realistic texture. Molded product x 10, realistic decal x 1, instruction manual