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“Gundam" Model Kit - RG #031 Crossbone Gundam X1 1/144

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Overwhelming density and color-coded reproduction! Although it is the smallest in the series, it pursued extreme precision reproduction.
The 5th installment of "GUNPLA EVOLUTION PROJECT"!
The Crossbone Gundam X1 in the comics "Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam" is three-dimensional with RG!
"Extreme detail" [Extreme precision reproduction] is listed in EVOLUTION POINT, and the details and gimmicks are reproduced to the limit in 1/144 scale while being the smallest in the series! Experience the "condensation" of the highest peak!
■The new advanced MS joint reproduces the deformation and docking of the core fighter while being a small MS.
■The head is reproduced in a fine part configuration, and the shape of Vulcan and skull, eye patches (selectable) are also reproduced.
■Precisely reproduced up to the heat dissipation fin expansion gimmick of the jaw.
■Bam Zambar and Buster Gun are combined to make it Zambuster. The color coding is also reproduced to the limit.
■The interlocking gimmick of knee armor is also small.
■The distinctive cape and effect parts are reproduced in a dynamic shape.
■Zambaster (Beam Zambaber/Buster Gun) x 1 each
■Brand marker x 2
■Heat dagger x 2
■Beam and saber x 2
■Beam shield x 1
■Core Fighter x 1
■ABC Clot x 1
■ Scissor anchor x 2
■Heat dagger (foot sole) x 2
■Pilot figure x 1
[Product contents]
■Molded products x 10
■Ralistic Decal x 1
■Instruction manual x 1