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Gundam Shokugan - GFrame FA Vol.14

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The 14th series appears in the G-frame!

A high-spec Gundam figure that is completed by wearing armor on the frame.

The frame mechanism secures a wider range of motion. Built-in gimmick that can be displayed even with single armor.

In addition, the non-movable hanger can be replaced with a pedestal. The 14th installment is a powerful lineup of "Blue Destiny Unit 1", "Ifrit Kai", "Jim Command (space warfare specification)" and "Blitz Gundam"!

It will be gorgeously developed with all 8 types.

●1 figure (8 types in total)

42A. Blue Destiny Unit 1 Armor Set

42F. Blue Destiny Unit 1 Frame Set

43A. Ifrit Kai Armor Set

43F. Ifrit Kai Frame Set

44A. GM Command (Space Battle Specification) Armor Set

44F. GM Command (Space War Specification) Frame Set

45A. Blitz Gundam Armor Set

45F. Blitz Gundam Frame Set

*The Frame Set & Armor Set sells as a bundle