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Hatsune Miku Tenitol Figure - Hatsune Miku China Ver.

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Majestic appearance riding on Kondoun! Chinese-style Hatsune Miku with a newly shaped pedestal

A Hatsune Miku figure with a Chinese image is now available from Furyu's new affordable figure brand "TENITOL"!
While using the prototype developed in the past prizes, it comes with a luxurious pedestal with a new model that resembles Kondoun! The colors have been updated for a fresh look.

This time's theme color is "peach". The combination of pink and purple colors makes the playful pose even more cute.
The flowing costume and voluminous hair are also something to look at, making this a compact figure with a strong presence.

Express your worldview with the pedestal! It's easier to decorate and more cute.
The shape of the pedestal is also impressive.