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Hololive Production Pop Up Parade - Sakura Miko

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Meow~! I'm Sakura Miko, an elite (ponkotsu) shrine maiden idol belonging to Hololive!

"POP UP PARADE" is a figure series that pursues a shape that is friendly to figure fans, such as an affordable price that you can get involuntarily, an easy-to-decorate size with a total height of 17 to 18 cm, and a speedy delivery. From the popular virtual YouTuber group "Holo Live", the elite shrine maiden "Sakura Miko" is now available! Based on Mr. Ordan's illustration, we have made it three-dimensional by sticking to the details to pack the charm of Mikochi. Hololive members are scheduled to appear one after another in the future. Please enjoy it at hand.