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Hunter x Hunterl Ichiban Kuji - Day of departure (Available In Store Now)

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A Prize: Gon figure
From "HUNTER x HUNTER", the main character "Gon" appears in MASTERLISE!!
Faithfully reproduce the familiar initial costume, and reproduce it three-dimensionally with a straight expression with feelings and a posing with fists! Abou 17cm tall

B Prize: Killua figure
"Killua" from "HUNTER x HUNTER" is now available at MASTERLISE!!
A cool partner who supports Gon, his calm appearance and facial expression are reproduced in three dimensions with high quality!! About 22cm tall

C Prize: Kurapika figure
"Kurapika" from "HUNTER x HUNTER" appears in MASTERLISE!!
Wearing the Kurta costume of the hunter test edition, a three-dimensional reproduction of a neat expression with strong feelings!! About 23cm tall

D Prize: Leorio Figure

"Leorio" from "HUNTER x HUNTER" appears in MASTERLISE!!

A three-dimensional reproduction of the large suit and the expression full of kindness!!

About 27cm tall

E Prize: Canvas board

A canvas board featuring the characters in the "HUNTER x HUNTER" design!! With the design of the pencil rough sketch image, we have a lineup of fellow members for the hunter exam!! About 11cm

F Prize: Clear poster

"HUNTER x HUNTER" characters and clear posters with famous scenes as motifs appear!!
Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka recorded the famous scenes in the work according to the silhouettes of the characters!! It contains a total of 8 designs, such as the group scene of the impressive phantom brigade, the scene where Gon is fishing at the beginning of the work, and the design of Gon x Jin!!

G Prize: Towel
"HUNTER x HUNTER" characters and towels with motifs appear!!
In addition to Jacquard hand towels with high practicality, Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, and Hisoka, Hisoka's "flimsy lie (dokkiri texture)" style phantom brigade tattoo motif, sky arena logo motif, kinship diagram & ha Includes a design with a list of characters and a must-have design for HUNTER x HUNTER fans!!

Last One Prize Hisoka figure.

From "HUNTER x HUNTER", "Hisoka" is now available at MASTERLISE!!
A three-dimensional reproduction of the expression with overwhelming strength and creepyness in high quality!! About 26cm tall