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Ichiban Kuji "Demon Slayer"- The City Where Demons Dwell (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize MASTERLISE Tanjiro Kamado Figure
Tanjiro Kamado from the figure brand MASTERLISE series!
It is a powerful scale with a total length of about 19 cm when crouched. Please enjoy the beauty of the MASTERLISE series, which has been meticulously detailed, such as the wood grain of the wooden box and the scratches on the hands.

B Prize Tengen Uzui Figure
Tengen Umizu is three-dimensionalized in a flashy action pose! Please enjoy the dynamic modeling.

C Prize Nezuko Kamado Demonization progression ver. Figure
Nezuko, who is in the process of demonization, is the first three-dimensional figure in Ichiban Kuji! Please enjoy the powerful expression and action pose that is different from the usual cute appearance.

D Prize Daki Figure
Daki, a beautiful demon who lurks in the red-light district, is the first three-dimensional figure in Ichiban Kuji! Please enjoy the action pose that gracefully dances in the air.

E Prize Chokokko Figure
Sumiko, Yoshiko, and Inoko dressed as women when they infiltrated the red-light district, and Nezuko, who was in the process of becoming a demon, first appeared in Chokokko! One type is a secret! looking forward to!
F Prize Hand Towel
It is a hand towel of about 25 cm with a stylish design designed by 9 Hashiras.

G Kyun Chara Acrylic Stand
Nine pillars are now available as acrylic stands as cute Kyun characters.

H Prize Kyun Chara Rubber Mascot
The character from the red-light district has become a Kyun character and is now available as a rubber mascot. One type is a secret! looking forward to!
Last One Prize Tengen Uzui Figure Last One Ver.
The head of Prize B is a new model.
You can get it by pulling the last one!