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Ichiban Kuji - "Kirby" A New Pupupu Lifestyle (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Shinseikatsu Momanmaru ☆ Kirby Plush Toy
A big Kirby stuffed toy with a full-length figure!!
It's a chewy material that makes you want to hug involuntarily♪
The soles of the feet have a special embroidery design☆

B Prize: U.F.O. Kirby Light
Wadordi is being sucked in!? It looks like, U.F.O. Kirby's room light!!
If you put it on your desk or bedside and turn on the light, U.F.O. I can reproduce Kirby's ability♪
The point is the expression of Wadordee, who is a little troubled☆

C Prize: Always help me! A mascot
Please help me study and work at my desk! It's a figure that will do it☆
There is a magnet in Kirby's mouth, so the clips stick together, and it's like you're inhaling it♪ Wadordi also help you carry small items.

D Prize: Manpuku face mug

A round ceramic mug that designed the faces of Kirby and Wadordy♪
You can choose your favorite design for the two types in light colors.
It's a large size that can fit a lot, so it's perfect not only for drinks but also for soup☆

E Prize: A nice towel collection

A towel collection where you can choose your favorite design from all 6 types♪

The die-cut face towel with a snap button that can be hung on a towel hanger is the first appearance of the lottery!! Hand towels are a rich lineup of designs for various scenes☆


F Prize: Anywhere is your job☆Rubber Selection
Kirby is going to help you with various scenes!
It is a convenient rubber selection that you can choose your favorite from all 5 types, such as coasters with designs that seem to catch water droplets by sliding, and cord holders that can be used by wrapping cords.

G Prize: Fashionable stationery
It is a stationery where you can enjoy the design of various titles such as "Kirby of the Stars 3" and "Kirby of the Stars Discovery" ☆
The pop-up memo that becomes like a game stage when launched is the first lineup of the lottery ♪
Check out the clear files and ring notes with various characters!

Last One Prize Today's day, Kirby & Efflin stuffed toy

If you put your head on the warp star, you can take a nap with Kirby & Efflin. Plush toy♪
You can always get the special items of Kirby & Efflin, which has a cute sleeping face, when you draw the last lottery☆