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One Piece Ichiban Kuji - Emotional Stories 2 (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize Revible Moment-Nami & Nojiko & Bellemere-
A heartwarming Figure that looks like a cutout of Nami, Nojiko, and Bellmer's daily life. Nami and Nojiko are still very young, and Bellemere warmly supports them.

B Prize Revible Moment-Chopper & Hiluluk-
The scene where Hiluluk gave Chopper his hat is three-dimensionalized!
Chopper, who cries with joy, and Hiluluk, who laughs heartily at the sight of it, come together in a heartwarming Figure.

C Prize Revible Moment -Hiyori & Oden-
Three-dimensional scenes of Biyori showing off Oden's favorite "Tsukihime" and Oden listening to it! It is Figure unintentionally warms you up in the daily scenery of two people relaxing on a tatami mat.

D Prize Revible Moment-Rebecca & Soldiers-
A three-dimensional scene of young Rebecca and a soldier walking on a snowy road! It's a very "warm" Figure that makes you feel like you can hear Rebecca's cute singing voice at any moment.

E Prize Tote Bag
Ichibankuji original design tote bag made of gusseted canvas that easily fits A4 size! On the surface, the scene of meeting with Merry is designed for everyday use. The back side is also a point ♪

F Prize Glass Set
It is a set of two types of glasses to choose from, "Luffy & Shanks" and "Law & Corazon" ♪
Ichibankuji and the coloring on the bottom.

G Prize Towel Collection
There are two types of sizes, and it is a towel with an original Ichibankuji design that can be used according to the occasion. You can choose your favorite type♪

H Prize Clear File & Sticker Set
A set of A4 size clear files and stickers♪Enjoy the gentle and nostalgic illustrations drawn in Ichibankuji original watercolor style.

I Prize Rubber Stand Collection
Ichibankuji original design rubber stand with childhood characters! This time, it is a lively design that collects multiple characters.

Last One Prize Revible Moment-Nami & Nojiko & Bellemere- Last One Ver.
It is Figure with a dazzling smile of three people who seems to be able to hear laughter at any moment.
Mandarin orange parts are also included in Last One Prize ♪
Please take it in your hand!

■Size: Nami about 6cm Nojiko about 8.5cm Bellemere about 8.5cm