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Ichiban Kuji "One Piece" - Emotional Stories (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize Revible Moment-Luffy & Shanks-
Three-dimensional the famous scene where Shanks entrusted the straw hat to Luffy! Please pay attention to Shanks, who is reviving the atmosphere at the time of the broadcast, and Luffy, who is overflowing with tears while clenching his fist!

B Prize Revible Moment-Law & Corazon-
A three-dimensional version of Corazon's famous scene where he gently touches Law!
Corazon crouching down and sending a warm look, and Law with a relieved expression are figures full of highlights. We also paid attention to the fact that you can fine-tune the position of the body on the pedestal.

C Prize Revible Moment-Robin & Olvia-
A three-dimensional version of the famous scene where Robin and Olvia meet again! Please pay attention to the expression that overflows with sadness just by looking at it, and Olvia gently hugging her daughter.

D Prize Revible Moment-Yamato & Someone
A three-dimensional version of a certain famous scene where he meets the imprisoned Yamato! Not only the expressions of the two, but also the fine wrinkles of the kimono and the angle of the crossed legs.

E Prize Big Size Towel
A big size towel with a width of about 120 cm! Boldly express the expression of the Straw Hat Pirates, who are full of feelings for the Merry! This item is recommended for both decoration and everyday use.

F Prize Memory Mug
A drawing-style illustration is a mug cup with selectable points. It is a special specification that you can always remember your gentle feelings.

G Prize Towel Collection ~Precious Bonds~
There are two types of sizes, and it is a towel that can be used according to the scene. You can choose whichever you like.
■ All 8 types
■Size:Long towel about 60cm, Hand towel about 25cm

H Prize Clear File Set
It is a set of 2 clear files that are completely drawn! Please enjoy the one-of-a-kind design with illustrations drawn with a watercolor touch.

I Prize Rubber Stand Collection ~Childhood Style~
A rubber stand full of childhood characters! The size makes it easy to decorate, making it a cute item wherever you put it!

Last One Prize Revible Moment-Law & Corazon- Last One ver.
Corazon's unique expression and pose that sends a smile and peace... The last one is a figure that cuts out Law's scene that makes you burst out laughing when you see it! Please take a look at the modeling that revives that famous scene.