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Tokyo Revengers Ichiban Kuji - Holy Night Decisive Battle 2 (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Manjiro Sano Figure
Manjiro Sano, with black hair who reigns at the top of modern Toman, appeared in "MASTERLISE" for the A prize.
It is a figure that is full of commitment to all shapes, such as the texture of the shirt, the sad eyes peeking through the bangs, and the impressive pose.

B Prize: Manjiro Sano Another ver. Figure
Manjiro Sano with black hair, who has a different expression from the A prize, appeared in "MASTERLISE" for the B prize.
It is a figure that reproduces one scene from the 36th episode of the TV anime "Last Order".

C Prize: Daiju Shiba Figure
Daiju Shiba, the tenth president of "Black Dragon" appeared in "MASTERLISE" for the C prize.
It is a figure with outstanding presence, such as a muscular body shape, a tattoo that is widely dug in the upper body, and a rough and intimidating expression.

D Prize: Seishu Inui Figure

In the D Award, Aomune, also known as Inupi, appeared in "MASTERLISE" from "Black Dragon".
It is a very complete figure, such as the texture of the suicide suit, the burn marks on the forehead, and the posing standing coldly.

E Prize: Hajime Kokonoi

In the E Award, Hajime Kui, also known as "Coco" from "Black Dragon", appeared in "MASTERLISE".
It is a cool figure no matter where you look, such as its characteristic hairstyle, sharp expression, and precise modeling of earrings.


F Prize: Newly drawn acrylic stand
In the F Award, "Drawing and grated acrylic stand" using the first lottery original drawing and grated illustration appeared.
There are 8 types of lineup that you can choose from the characters who were active in the "Holy Night Battle". It is a dish that there is no doubt that you will want to collect.

G Prize: Newly drawn clear file set
For the G Prize, there will be a "newly drawn clear file set" that uses Ichiban Kuji's original illustrations and sumi-e illustrations.
There are a total of 8 types of lineup from which you can choose from the characters who played an active role in the "Holy Night Battle". It has a luxurious specification that allows you to enjoy color illustrations and ink-painting illustrations at the same time.

H Prize: Newly drawn acrylic keychain
For the H Prize, a newly drawn acrylic key chain'' using an original Ichiban Kuji illustration will appear.
A lineup of 8 types of characters who played an active role in "Holy Night Battle". Please try aiming for your favorite character.

Last One Prize Takashi Mitsutani Figure

For the Last One Award, Takashi Mitsutani, Toman's second division commander and reliable older brother, appeared with "MASTERLISE."
It is a high quality figure with short silver hair, slender body, and powerful eyes.