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Ichiban Kuji - "Tokyo Revengers" Holy Night Decisive Battle (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize: Takemichi Hanagaki Figure
The main character of this work, Takemichi Hanagaki, appears proudly at the A prize!
It is a figure with a high degree of perfection as a figure with modeling and coloring full of attention to detail, and it is a figure that can be decorated not only as a single body but also with other grade figures.

B Prize: Manjiro Sano (Mikey) Figure
The strongest man, "Invincible Mikey" Manjiro Sano is lined up for the B prize!!
Delicate and precise modeling such as special clothes and hair fluttering in the wind is an excellent finish!

C Prize: Ken Ryuguji (Draken) Figure
Mikey's partner "Draken", Ken Ryuguji is also in the C prize!!
The iconic gold hair and dragon tattoo are also completely reproduced. It is a gem that you can't see from 360 degrees, such as the details of the jacket and the wrinkles of the pants!

D Prize: Chifuyu Matsuno Figure

Takemichi's reassuring partner, Chifuyu Matsuno, is lined up for the D prize!The reproducibility is very high, such as characteristic hairstyle, powerful eyes, slender body, and slightly larger special clothes, and combined with facial expressions and posing, it is finished as a gem with outstanding presence that even Chifuyu's hot heart is transmitted!

E Prize: Tumbler Collection

It is a tumbler designed with familiar characters. The capacity is large and the practicality is outstanding!
Please try to aim for your recommendation!


F Prize: Towel Collection
It is a towel designed with the image color of each character. You can choose your favorite character from 6 types!

G Prize: Clear Files & Stickers
It is a clear file & sticker with the best lottery original design!
You can choose your favorite pattern!

H Prize: Rubber Mascot Keychain
It is a rubber mascot of the "Kyun Chara" series! There are a wide variety of 15 types in total!
Please aim for your favorite character!

Last One Prize Manjiro Sano Figure Last One ver.

Mikey with a soft expression is lined up in the last one!It is finished in a completely different atmosphere from the B prize, and this is also a gem that I want you to get!