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Kaitai Puzzle - Crab Puzzle

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Introducing the ``Puzzle to understand the parts of snow crab'' that you can play and learn! Assemble the 41 separate parts and complete the real snow crab🦀! You can assemble the new parts ``Uchiko'' to make a female crab, and ``Kanimiso'' to make a male crab.
In addition to the ``shellfish'' and ``kataniku'', the small parts of the nails and feet such as ``bonbori'', ``nanban'', and ``rakkyo'', as well as the ``crab'' that cannot be eaten but must be removed, are all recreated as puzzle pieces. Since it is a three-dimensional puzzle, you can clearly see the names and locations of the parts.
It is a full-fledged product that can be disassembled using the same procedure as a real snow crab, such as removing it from the loincloth, and has a gimmick that allows it to be peeled from the shell. The promised "crab fork", display pedestal, and colander sheet are included.