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Kamen Rider Tamashii Nations Box- Kamen Rider ARTlized -Lets Go!! Rider Kick (1 Random)

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"Kamen Rider" joins the "TAMASHII NATIONS BOX" surprise toy brand, where you don't know what's inside until you open the box!
An original set based on "Kamen Rider" illustrations drawn by Koji Yokoi, the [ARTlized] figure brand uses modeling and coloring from the perspective of "art." There are six variations (plus one secret). You can also purchase a set, so you can pick up the whole collection without the worry of getting duplicates. *Specifications at the time of shipment from the factory. They may be different after opening.

A lineup of six different figures (plus one secret type) from various seasons of the show! You'll have to wait until you open the box to see which Kamen Rider is inside!