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Kamiyasu Special Assortment Sanding Sponge Set up (33 pcs)

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Long-lasting cutting power! Highly durable sponge file!
It is a sponge file that adopts a highly durable cloth file.
Unlike paper files, it is a cloth file, so it has versatility that can be used in various situations such as surface and surface treatment of flat surfaces.
Because it has a lot of numbers and thicknesses, it can be used differently according to various situations and applications.
Sponges are color-coded and printed with numbers for each number, so you can see the number at a glance.
Because it is printed with ink that is difficult to ooze, the ink is difficult to melt even when sharpening water, so you can work with confidence.
A pack with 3 types of thickness: 2mm thickness that is easy to follow curved surfaces, 3mm thickness that is an all-rounder, and 5mm thickness that is thick and hard to break
There are 11 types of numbers: No. 120, No. 240, No. 400, No. 800, No. 1000, No. 2000, No. 4000, No. 6000, No. 8000, and No. 10000.
Adopt a file with long-lasting cutting force.
It is excellent in cost performance because it can be used for a long time by dropping the cutting powder.
It's hard to wrinkle even if you fold it.
It can be cut to your favorite shape.
It's hard to tear, so you can use it with tweezers, etc.
Air sharpening, water sharpening correspondence
You can identify the number with the color of the sponge itself and the printed letters.