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Kingdom Hearts Ichiban Kuji - 20th Anniversary (SOLD OUT)

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Not for sale online. Available In-store ONLY

A Prize: Sora Statue
A statue based on the illustration of "Sora" sitting on the throne. Not only "Sora" but also the shape of the throne is expressed in detail, making it a decorative item.

B Prize: Kairi Statue
A statue based on the illustration of "Kairi" sitting on the throne. The three-dimensional version of Kairi will be appearing for the first time in Ichiban Kuji. It is also recommended to display it side by side with the A prize Sora's statue, so be sure to get both!

C Prize: Clock
Sora", "Donald", and "Goofy" are watches designed with Disney characters that have appeared in successive series. Support parts are also attached to the back, so you can use it even if you place it, so be sure to place it wherever you like ☆

D Prize: Plush Mascot
"Mickey", "Donald" and "Goofy" plush mascots. "KINGDOM HEARTS" "Donald" and "Goofy" stuffed animals will be appearing for the first time in the Ichiban Kuji! Attach it to your bag and take it with you when you go out!

E Prize: Canvas Board

A decorative product with a design on canvas. There are two types: one that collects various scenes from successive series, and the one that designed the image illustration of "100 Acre Forest" from "KINGDOM HEARTS III".

F Prize: Hand Towel Collection
A total of 8 types of hand towels with various designs, such as those with motifs of "KINGDOM HEARTS", "KINGDOM HEARTS II", and "KINGDOM HEARTS III". You can choose your favorite design.

G Prize: Glass
There are 7 types of glasses with various designs. All of them are recommended, so please get them all!

Prize H Keyblade Charm Collection
The keyblade design metal charm, which was popular in past lotteries, is back! Only "Kingdom Chain" is a re-lineup from the past lottery, and the other 9 types are new. It's a wonderful item to carry around with your favorite one, or to collect and decorate all of them!

Last One Prize Sora Statue ~Last One ver.~
The A prize "Sora Statue" will also appear in the Last One Prize with a different coloring method! When viewed from the front, it has a special coloring that makes it look like an illustration, so we recommend taking a picture and enjoying it. Please get it together with the A prize!