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Ichiban Kuji

Ichiban Kuji "Kirby" - Kirby Cafe (SOLD OUT)

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Prize A: Kirby Café Multi-Stand Figure
The Kirby Waddle Dee statue that greets you at Kirby Café has become a figure in a size that makes it easy to place on your desk or kitchen!
You can use it as a multi-stand because you can put things on the back.

Prize B: Sandwich Maker
The hot sand maker, which is the first lineup in "Ichiban Kuji Kirby's Dream Land", comes with an AC power supply so you can really make hot sand!
Branded with the "Kirby Café" logo and Kirby holding a fork and spoon!
If you have this, there is no doubt that it will be a wonderful dining table ♪

Prize C: Kirby Plushie
A Kirby stuffed toy that makes you feel like you've had a drink and said, "Hehe!"
The soothing stuffed animals are modeled after the original art of Ichiban Kuji.
Kirby Café might make you feel like you're taking a breather, too.

Prize D: Exciting Marshmallow Mascot
The actual Kirby Café menu "Ukiuki Marshmallow au Lait" has become a plush toy mascot! ?
It's a sticky dough, so it looks like a real marshmallow. With removable ball chain♪

Prize E: Delicious Menu Figure Charm
The figure charms are miniature versions of Kirby Café's popular menu items "Kirby Burger", "Kirby's Suikomi Caprese", "Waddle Dee's Lunch Omurice", and "Kirby's Exciting Marshmallow Ole"!
All of them are faithfully reproduced and look delicious! Comes with metal parts with the "Kirby Café" logo♪

Prize F: Fashionable Tableware Collection
6 types of tableware collection to choose from!
Kirby Waddle Dee face mini plate, warp star pancake die cut mini plate,
Lineup of cocotte and mug. All of them are cute and I get lost!
Not only can it be used as tableware, but it can also be used for placing accessories.

Prize G: Kitchen Towel Collection
There are 7 types to choose from, including long-sized cotton towels, hand towel-sized cotton towels, and gauze towels!
Kirby and others are designed and very cute! You can enjoy this art to the fullest♪

Last One Prize: Fluffy Warp Star Pancake Cushion
The last one prize is based on the actual Kirby Café menu "Fuwafuwa Warp Star Pancake"!
100 times cuteness with a delicious-looking cushion and a Kirby stuffed animal♪