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Square Enix

Square Enix Commemorative Kuji - Final Fantasy XVI Commemorative (SOLD OUT)

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A Prize Diorama Figure (Summoned Beast Shiva)
It is a figure of "Ice Summoning Beast Shiva" that pursues dynamic sculptural beauty.
By partially using clear parts, it creates an image of ice.
※Body size: Approx. W24 x D17 x H22cm (including pedestal)

B Prize Bust figure
It is a bust figure of a summoned beast that features a profound texture.
It has a sense of size that is easy to arrange and decorate, and the powerful posing that seems to start moving at any moment is attractive.
※Body size: Approx. W6 x D5 x H8cm (Summoned Beast Ifrit)

C Prize Set of 2 shot glasses <Phoenix & Ifrit>
It is a set of 2 shot glasses with "Phoenix" and "Ifrit" printed with gold and silver foil.
The silhouette design highlights the foil luxuriously.
※Body size: Approx. diameter 4.8 x height 6cm
※Contents: about 50cc
※Not available: Dishwasher, microwave, oven, direct fire

D Prize National emblem Cork coaster (All 5 Types)
It is a cork coaster that designed the "national emblem" of the five countries that appear in the work.
The texture of cork and the print of chic colors complement the mature atmosphere.
There are various ways to use it with C prize shot glasses, decorate and use it.
※Body size: Approx. W8 x D8 x H1cm

E Prize Acrylic stand (All 3 types)
It is an acrylic stand that uses delicate illustrations depicting "Clive", "Joshua" and "Jill" in the boyhood.
※Body size: Approx. W9 x D3 x H16cm (Clive pedestal)

F Prize Character magnet (All 8 types)
It is a magnet designed for each character.
You can use it in various situations such as around the desk and whiteboard.
※Body size: Approx. W5.3 x D3 x H8cm
※Magnet sticking strength: about 2 sheets of A4 plain paper

G Prize Art Illustration Clear Mat (All 3 types)
It is a clear matte with delicate art finished with sheer printing.
It is recommended not only to use it as a desk mat, but also to decorate it in a picture frame.
※Body size: A3

Last One Prize Diorama Figure (Summoned Beast Shiva) Silver ver.
It is the "LAST Award" that comes with the last lottery.
The figure of "Ice Summoned Beast Shiva" was gorgeously finished with a presence silver painting.
※Body size: Approx. W24 x D17 x H22cm (including pedestal)