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Macross Model Kit - HG YF-19 1/100

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In conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the anime "Macross", the new series of BANDAI SPIRITS "Macross" plastic models will be launched at HG! The first one is
■Newly equipped with a new system "replacement three-stage deformation (shortcut change)" created by re-verifying "deform", "form" and "movable".
■By adopting a new deformation mechanism that incorporates parts replacement, the deformation sequence is simplified. It can be easily transformed into a batroid, gawalk, and fighter.
■By "replacement three-stage deformation (shortcut change)", it is not influenced by the restrictions of modeling that occur when reproducing the deformation mechanism, and it is three-dimensional in pursuit of the form and setting image of each form.
■By eliminating complex structures, a range of motion is established inside the main body, realizing unprecedented new movable performance.
■"Polarization molding" is adopted for the canopy part. You can enjoy the colors that change depending on how the light hits.
■"Pinpoint Barrier Punch" effect parts for reproduction are included.
■Although it is ultra-thin, it exhibits excellent concealment, and comes with a namer seal that can reproduce vivid colors even from the top of dark molded parts.
■Gunpod x 1
■Shield x 1
■Effect parts x 1
■ Landing gear x 1 set
■Parts for reproducing the fighter form x 1 set
■Parts for reproducing the Gawalk form x 1 set
■Joint parts x 1 set
■Hand parts x 1 set
■Nomer seal x 2